HEED Finland

Health & Wellbeing – Education – Integration

Our Mission

HEED Association Finland has three goals; promote health, education and integration of immigrants and refugees in Finland. We aim to educate, equip and empower immigrants and refugees to be able to make informed decisions concerning their health, career choices and to ensure proper integration into the Finnish Society. HEED will work in collaboration with other associations and organizations to achieve its objectives, and to ensure a balanced and healthy Finnish society.

Our Vision

Improved quality of life for all immigrants and refugees in Finland through effective health promotion interventions, guidance on education and integration.

Health & Wellbeing

On health, the focus is on PREVENTION, which we believe is cheaper and safer than treating or managing the actual problems, but we will also provide guidance on MANAGEMENT.



On Education, HEED provides information and guidance on education and career opportunities in Finland, while empowering families to be actively involved in their children ́s education.


On integration, HEED Finland  provides guidance that will enhance proper and smooth integration into the Finnish society.